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A message to all Supporters and our senior Squad

A message to all Supporters and our senior Squad




We can take much from that Moran Cup J3s’ victory for our vital game next Saturday. In that we showed the power of true belief and love of team and club.


Every player in our squad next Saturday must and will have Marys in his soul, he must be willing to lash his lungs and throw his body in selfless sacrifice, for every second of the game, he must block fear, comfort, pain and failure from his mind.  He must fill it with absolute concentration, cold determination, courage, and belief for every second.  If so, we shall prevail, and there is no doubt but that each of our players emphatically shall.


Our supporters have never more than this season merged in mind and heart with their team and it has given everyone much.  Now one more time this season we shall be asked, implored even commanded to attend and vibrate our feelings and fling our hopes in sound and carry our team along their path to salvation.  It is salvation we seek, for this is a much more important game than a cup final or top four playoff; this is a fight for our status and our rugby future.  Vital.


All must be under no fairy belief that Garryowen will be easily subdued, yes they have played in 1B while we have jousted in the faster more fluid 1A, but the ferocity of the Garryowenc hallenge will be chilling and their willingness, like other ruthless, Munster teams to do whatever it takes (as we have seen before many times) makes the challenge supreme.  We must be supreme to suppress it and rise magnificently to a satisfying seasonal finale.  We have the ability and the empowerment to do it and we will.


We all together now send to you Smythy, Jonny, Broph, Jamie, Paudge, Garry, Pokey, Gareth, Ian, Steve, Pat, to our president, Brian and emphatically to you, Kevin (Shiner) and your admirable squad, our hopes, beliefs, and deepest good wishes.


May we all celebrate together on Saturday 25th April 2015.


Fidelitas in Arduis.


D O’Brien


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