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Matches to come

Matches to come

Now on to events even more important than Strictly Marys; Strictly Rugby.  We have two games in AIL Division 1A to come, both of which we must win to ensure safety and no relegation.  This is awful to contemplate.  You probably think, well there is nothing I can do about that, sad as it may be.  Wrong, there is a lot  you can do.  If you do what Rynner suggested and all come down to Limerick next Saturday and to Templeville Road on 11th April you will do an enormous amount.  If we can get the same number who attended Strictly Dancing on Saturday, we will undoubtedly win.  I guarantee.  Don’t think about it, do it.  It is no big deal and yet it is vital to the team that you do.  Remember it takes less than two hours now, and on Saturdays, it is an easy journey.  Meet friends, share cars, go on the bus from the club and have fun, if necessary take out your granny’s old bike; but get there.  Young Munster has a big strong team and will battle to their last drop of blood if necessary.  We must match that, and we will if you help and come along.  Please do.

Our team is hitting it high now and except for a blip last time out, when unfortunate circumstances and a very good Terenure team we would be nigh on safe.  We have all our U20 players back and probably Marshy, we have big Darragh Frawley and Steve Bradshaw, fully fit and  ready to go, Smythy, Broph Garthy Shiner and the team have been working hard and so we will do it.  Believe me.

Please, each of you send in a message of support to the Coaches, Captain and team.  That is not too much to do.  But do it, do not think about it, Do It!

D O’Brien

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