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23/08/20142:00pmLCBlackrock College20 - 45St. Marys 1st XVAwayRead
23/08/20144:00pmLCBlackrock College24 - 45St. Marys J1 XVAway 
30/08/20142:00pmLCSt. Marys 1st XV37 - 5Bective RangersHome 
30/08/2014Conceded by BectivePostponedSt. Marys J1 XV- v -Bective RangersHome 
05/09/20147:30pmLCOld Belvedere24 - 18St. Marys 1st XVAway 
06/09/20143:00pmLCOld Belvedere41 - 22St. Marys J1 XVAway 
12/09/20147:30pmAILUCD23 - 20St. Marys 1st XVAwayRead
14/09/20143:00pmMetro Div 1Old Belvedere43 - 11St. Marys J1 XVAway 
20/09/20142:45pmAILSt. Marys 1st XV14 - 20TerenureHomeRead
26/09/20147:30pmMetro Div 6Monkstown6 - 10St. Marys J4 XVAway 
27/09/20142:30pmAILOld Belvedere10 - 14St. Marys 1st XVAwayRead
28/09/20143:00pmMetro Div 1St. Marys J1 XV0 - 0TerenureHome 
28/09/201412:00pmMetro Div 2St. Marys J2 XV14 - 8NaasHomeRead
03/10/20147:30pmMetro Div 4Bective Rangers0 - 0St. Marys J3 XVAway 
03/10/20148:00pmMetro Div 10St. Marys J5 XV27 - 0Bective RangersHomeRead
04/10/20143:00pmMetro Div 6St. Marys J4 XV17 - 14NaasHomeRead
04/10/20142:30pmAILSt. Marys 1st XV15 - 26Cork ConstitutionHomeRead
05/10/20141:00pmAILBlackrock College0 - 0St. Marys Womens 1st XVAway 
05/10/20143:00pmMetro Div 2Boyne R.F.C3 - 24St. Marys J2 XVAwayRead
08/10/20147:45pmMetro Div 10Monkstown15 - 21St. Marys J5 XVAwayRead
10/10/20147:30pmMetro Div 4St. Marys J3 XV0 - 0LansdowneHome 
11/10/20143:00pmMetro Div 2St. Marys J2 XV0 - 0Blackrock CollegeHome 
11/10/20143:00pmMetro Div 6Suttonians0 - 0St. Marys J4 XVAway 
12/10/20143:00pmMetro Div 1UCD0 - 0St. Marys J1 XVAway 
12/10/20141:00pmAILSt. Marys Womens 1st XV0 - 0Old BelvedereHome 
17/10/20148:00pmMetro Div 4Skerries0 - 0St. Marys J3 XVAway 
18/10/20143:00pmMetro Div 2St. Marys J2 XV0 - 0WanderersHome 
18/10/20143:00pmMetro Div 10St. Marys J5 XV0 - 0TerenureHome 
18/10/20143:00pmMetro Div 6St. Marys J4 XV0 - 0ClontarfHome 
19/10/20143:00pmMetro Div 1NUIM Barnhall0 - 0St. Marys J1 XVAway 
19/10/20141:00pmAILUL Bohemians0 - 0St. Marys Womens 1st XVAway 
31/10/20147:30pmMetro Div 4St. Marys J3 XV0 - 0Blackrock CollegeHome 
01/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 10Kilkenny0 - 0St. Marys J5 XVAway 
01/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 6Old Belvedere0 - 0St. Marys J4 XVAway 
01/11/20142:30pmAILBallynahinch33 - 13St. Marys 1st XVAwayRead
02/11/20141:00pmAILSt. Marys 1st XV0 - 0Railway UnionHome 
02/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 2Greystones0 - 0St. Marys J2 XVAway 
02/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 1St. Marys J1 XV24 - 34LansdowneHomeRead
07/11/20147:30pmMetro Div 4Old Wesley0 - 0St. Marys J3 XVAway 
07/11/20147:30pmAILSt. Marys 1st XV20 - 38LansdowneHomeRead
09/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 1Clontarf0 - 0St. Marys J1 XVAway 
09/11/20141:00pmAILGalwegians0 - 0St. Marys Womens 1st XVAway 
09/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 2St. Marys J2 XV0 - 0Old WesleyHomeRead
15/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 10St. Marys J5 XV0 - 0SuttoniansHome 
15/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 6Wanderers0 - 0St. Marys J4 XVAway 
15/11/20142:30pmAILSt. Marys 1st XV21 - 15Young MunsterHomeRead
21/11/20147:30pmMetro Div 4St. Marys J3 XV0 - 0RathdrumHome 
22/11/20141:30pmMetro Div 2Seapoint0 - 0St. Marys J2 XVAway 
22/11/20142:30pmAILDolphin18 - 27St. Marys 1st XVAwayRead
23/11/20141:00pmAILSt. Marys Womens 1st XV0 - 0HighfieldHome 
24/11/20147:30pmMetro Div 1St. Marys J1 XV27 - 24Dublin UniversityHomeRead
29/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 6St. Marys J4 XV0 - 0Dublin UniversityHome 
29/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 10St. Marys J5 XV0 - 0ClontarfHome 
29/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 2Naas0 - 0St. Marys J2 XVAway 
30/11/20141:00pmAILTralee RFC0 - 0St. Marys Womens 1st XVAway 
30/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 1St. Marys J1 XV0 - 0Old BelvedereHome 
30/11/20142:30pmMetro Div 4Terenure0 - 0St. Marys J3 XVAway 
05/12/20147:30pmMetro Div 4St. Marys J3 XV0 - 0Bective RangersHome 
06/12/20142:00pmMetro Div 6St. Marys J4 XV0 - 0MonkstownHome 
06/12/20142:00pmMetro Div 10Emerald Warriors0 - 0St. Marys J5 XVAway 
06/12/20142:30pmAILSt. Marys 1st XV17 - 25UCDHomeRead
07/12/20142:00pmMetro Div 1Terenure0 - 0St. Marys J1 XVAway 
13/12/20142:00pmMetro Div 2St. Marys J2 XV0 - 0Boyne R.F.CHome 
20/12/20144:30pmAILLansdowne16 - 10St. Marys 1st XVAwayRead
02/01/20157:30pmAILClontarf44 - 15St. Marys 1st XVAwayRead
09/01/20157:30pmMetro Div 4Lansdowne0 - 0St. Marys J3 XVAway 
10/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 6Naas0 - 0St. Marys J4 XVAway 
10/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 2Blackrock College0 - 0St. Marys J2 XVAway 
10/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 10Bective Rangers0 - 0St. Marys J5 XVHome 
10/01/20152:30pmAILSt. Marys 1st XV13 - 9Old BelvedereHomeRead
11/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 1St. Marys J1 XV26 - 37UCDHomeRead
17/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 10St. Marys J5 XV0 - 0MonkstownHome 
17/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 2Wanderers0 - 0St. Marys J2 XVAway 
17/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 6St. Marys J4 XV0 - 0MonkstownHome 
18/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 1St. Marys J1 XV0 - 0NUIM BarnhallHome 
24/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 6Clontarf0 - 0St. Marys J4 XVAway 
24/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 10Terenure0 - 0St. Marys J5 XVAway 
25/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 4Blackrock College0 - 0St. Marys J3 XVAway 
31/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 10St. Marys J5 XV0 - 0KilkennyHome 
31/01/20152:30pmMetro Div 6St. Marys J4 XV0 - 0Old BelvedereHome 
31/01/20152:30pmAILCork Constitution13 - 15St. Marys 1st XVAwayRead
06/02/20157:30pmMetro Div 4St. Marys J3 XV0 - 0Old WesleyHome 
07/02/20151:00pmMetro Div 2St. Marys J2 XV0 - 0GreystonesHome 
08/02/20153:00pmMetro Div 1Lansdowne0 - 0St. Marys J1 XVAway 
14/02/20153:00pmMetro Div 2Old Wesley0 - 0St. Marys J2 XVAway 
15/02/20153:00pmMetro Div 1St. Marys J1 XV0 - 0ClontarfHome 
20/02/20157:30pmMetro Div 4Rathdrum0 - 0St. Marys J3 XVAway 
21/02/20153:00pmMetro Div 10Suttonians0 - 0St. Marys J5 XVHome 
21/02/20153:00pmMetro Div 6St. Marys J4 XV12 - 11WanderersHomeRead
21/02/20152:30pmAILSt. Marys 1st XV32 - 25BallynahinchHomeRead
27/02/20157:30pmAILSt. Marys 1st XV21 - 17ClontarfHomeRead
28/02/20153:00pmMetro Div 10Clontarf0 - 0St. Marys J5 XVAway 
06/03/20158:00pmMetro Div 4St. Marys J3 XV0 - 0TerenureHome 
07/03/20153:00pmMetro Div 6Dublin University0 - 0St. Marys J4 XVAway 
07/03/20153:00pmMetro Div 10St. Marys J5 XV0 - 0Emerald WarriorsHome 
07/03/20152:30pmAILTerenure41 - 24St. Marys 1st XVAwayRead
08/03/20153:00pmMetro Div 2St. Marys J2 XV0 - 0SeapointHome 
08/03/20153:00pmMetro Div 1Dublin University12 - 19St. Marys J1 XVAwayRead
16/03/20157:30pmMetro Div 4St. Marys J3 XV0 - 0SkerriesHome 
28/03/20152:30pmAILYoung Munster0 - 0St. Marys 1st XVAwayRead
11/04/20152:30pmAILSt. Marys 1st XV0 - 0DolphinHomeRead
25/04/20152:30pmAILSt. Marys 1st XV3 - 13GarryowenHomeRead

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